Car removal service that guarantees you the maximum return on investment

Car Removals Services

If there are many car wrecker and car removals services to choose from, then we probably have a big task in our hands and we better get ready to find the right car removal service for your broken car in your garage.

#1 Car Removal Service in Brisbane

There are many other car wrecker and car removal services in Brisbane. But we at ‘Cash for car’ would probably be one of the best car wreckers. Cash for car agency that can provide you with up to $9,999 or close to $10,000 for each car that we receive from our sellers.

Junk Car Removal Service in Brisbane?

There is much other car wrecker service that is probably good, but they cannot yield you with cash total of even $7,999 or lesser. Thus you have no choice, that to trust our car wrecker service. People and potential customers are probably the biggest assists we have. They judge us and rate us according to the quality of work that we do for our customers.

As customers’ rate and judge us based on our previous car service and our portfolio for other customers, we would love to accept this challenge, provide our customers, potential customers with the best car wrecker service to them.

Why Sell Your Used Car With Us?

We like to repeat customers. So if you have a broken truck of your own, bring it to us and we will buy it from you. No matter how badly battered or broken it may appear, you can still sell it to us at a good price. The Company provides cash for all broken and damaged vehicles.

  • Offering up to $10,000 cash for cars, vans, Utes, 4wd, and trucks.
  • Most experienced and highest cash paying company.
  • Free valuation of your scrap or junk vehicles and quick follow-ups.
  • Free car removal anywhere in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Your local car salvage yards in Brisbane.
  • We buy all makes and model vehicles, no matter what the condition is.
  • Buy All Makes and Models and Ages and Conditions

We work with cars that are various different brands and vehicle types as well. Some of the car brands we work with include the Mazda, Toyota, Corolla, and other branded vehicles that you may have.

If you like our services then you can spread the word around and make it easier for others to find us and build our customer base further bigger.


Why would they choose us? Here are a few good reasons. Why you should choose us as your car removal partner who can get the job done.

They won’t charge you a dime plus at no cost tow your truck from your garage to their junkyard. Sellers get a hefty sum in exchange for your broken car or a damaged vehicle.

We will pay you what others cannot. While most of the cars are sold below $7,999 or less. We will provide you almost up to $10,000 in hard cold cash.